She Said Yes!

Yesterday I had the honor of shooting my first proposal, right in Rittenhouse!

Justin, a friend from high school, asked me if I would be able to shoot his proposal while he and his girlfriend, Lauren, were in Philadelphia this weekend. Getting a bit of wedding fever myself, I jumped at the chance to share that one time moment with them!

The last several days, Justin and I have been back and forth trying to find a good spot for when he arrived in Center City. Originally, he wanted to do it somewhere along Kelley Drive since he and Lauren jog there. Keeping the weather and lighting in mind, we were also worried about traffic! We settled just in time on Rittenhouse Square, where they happened to walk through after their first date.

And of course, she said yes!


Gabby’s Bridal Shower

My best friend Kate’s cousin had her bridal shower June 11th and not only did I photograph some of it, but I helped Kate [the chef] with some meat and cheese trays!

Here are some photos from the shower:

Check out Kate’s Instagram for some photos of her food!