The Solar Eclipse of 2017

As a photographer, I’m eager to push my technical capabilities. Taking a trip to Greenback, Tennessee for the solar eclipse was one trip that did just that! I’ve seen and photographed several lunar eclipses, so to an extent, I was aware of the precautions, and problems I may run into. I’m comfortable with my gear, and did some research prior to see what kind of shots I wanted to take. When it comes down to it, I’ve realized you either know what you’re doing and it will come naturally, or it will be a huge disaster.

The final image below was shot from a cemetery in Greenback. My mom and I scoped out some spots the day before, and found a large, beautiful cemetery with a lake. While scoping our spots, we came across a small Amish shop on the side of the road, that of course, I made my mom stop at. I got to talking with the woman in the store, and her husband came in and offered to let us use his parking lot the next day for $25! Locals were charging up to $1500 for spot on their land for the eclipse, so $25 we paid then and there. The owner mentioned making pulled pork sandwiches all day during the event on his smoker out front, so we said our farewells, and continued looking for a spot, with that as a backup place to go. The day of the eclipse, there were about 10 other groups of people surrounding the property, but we had more than enough space to set up and enjoy the natural phenomenon.

I used my Mark IV for the telephoto shot, and my Mark II for the wide angle shot. I debated whether or not I wanted to use my 7D for either or, but chose to go full-frame with both photos.

SolarEclipse RS

Totality RS