Little Pete’s Closing Night and Block Party

After years open, this Memorial Day, Little Pete’s closed its doors for good. A line was formed out the door and around the corner most of their last day open.

An establishment to house people at all hours, Little Pete’s was more than a small diner, but a meeting spot to many. The servers and patrons alike made you feel welcome, always greeting you with a genuine Hello, and remembering every face that walked through their doors. Plus, their homestyle cooking was far better than any other diner in Philly! Sad to have had my last turkey BLT last week, but I’ll just have to travel to the other location.


I stopped in the last week they were open during the day and snapped some photos.


And then came back on Memorial Day to watch the last crowd get their food, and the doors close at 9pm sharp!


The following day, there was a block party with live music that ran way past the scheduled time. Little Pete’s had about 200 hoagies, 200 kabobs, wine and beer for anyone who came by.