She Said Yes!

Yesterday I had the honor of shooting my first proposal, right in Rittenhouse!

Justin, a friend from high school, asked me if I would be able to shoot his proposal while he and his girlfriend, Lauren, were in Philadelphia this weekend. Getting a bit of wedding fever myself, I jumped at the chance to share that one time moment with them!

The last several days, Justin and I have been back and forth trying to find a good spot for when he arrived in Center City. Originally, he wanted to do it somewhere along Kelley Drive since he and Lauren jog there. Keeping the weather and lighting in mind, we were also worried about traffic! We settled just in time on Rittenhouse Square, where they happened to walk through after their first date.

And of course, she said yes!


2 thoughts on “She Said Yes!

    1. Out of the all of the various surprises and plans I set up for our engagement weekend, asking Eve to shoot the proposal was by FAR the best decision I made.

      First of all, if it wasn’t for Eve scouting the original location my entire proposal would’ve probably been foiled. Turns out there was a gigantic street fair along the river with road closures, hordes of people and extremely limited parking. She went there in advance and told me what was going on so then we switched locations.

      Eve was accommodating, helpful and responsive. She gave me great recommendations for location, timing and framing of the photos. She also talked me through what her plan was so that she could capture the shots. I felt comfortable with her and knew from the very first message exchange that I would have a reliable photographer ready to capture our special moment.

      Lastly and most importantly, the photos could not have come out better. My fiancé and I are so proud of them and love sharing them with family, friends and colleagues. It really captured the moment in the most natural, candid way possible. In the moment of a proposal, everything is such a blur and within minutes after it happening you almost forget what exactly happened (my fiancé couldn’t even remember if I got down on one knee or not…luckily I have proof). I am so glad I made the decision to have these photos as memories we will have forever. I have been raving about Eve to anyone that will listen to me and referring her to all of my friends.

      Thanks again Eve for all that you did! I look forward to working with you again,


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