Archbishop Ryan: Into the Woods Dress Rehearsal

This past weekend at Archbishop Ryan High School, I shot some photos of the cast for their play, Into the Woods. Several parents make magnets and pins anually for the cast and their families!


The Solar Eclipse of 2017

As a photographer, I’m eager to push my technical capabilities. Taking a trip to Greenback, Tennessee for the solar eclipse was one trip that did just that! I’ve seen and photographed several lunar eclipses, so to an extent, I was aware of the precautions, and problems I may run into. I’m comfortable with my gear, and did some research prior to see what kind of shots I wanted to take. When it comes down to it, I’ve realized you either know what you’re doing and it will come naturally, or it will be a huge disaster.

The final image below was shot from a cemetery in Greenback. My mom and I scoped out some spots the day before, and found a large, beautiful cemetery with a lake. While scoping our spots, we came across a small Amish shop on the side of the road, that of course, I made my mom stop at. I got to talking with the woman in the store, and her husband came in and offered to let us use his parking lot the next day for $25! Locals were charging up to $1500 for spot on their land for the eclipse, so $25 we paid then and there. The owner mentioned making pulled pork sandwiches all day during the event on his smoker out front, so we said our farewells, and continued looking for a spot, with that as a backup place to go. The day of the eclipse, there were about 10 other groups of people surrounding the property, but we had more than enough space to set up and enjoy the natural phenomenon.

I used my Mark IV for the telephoto shot, and my Mark II for the wide angle shot. I debated whether or not I wanted to use my 7D for either or, but chose to go full-frame with both photos.

SolarEclipse RS

Totality RS

Little Pete’s Closing Night and Block Party

After years open, this Memorial Day, Little Pete’s closed its doors for good. A line was formed out the door and around the corner most of their last day open.

An establishment to house people at all hours, Little Pete’s was more than a small diner, but a meeting spot to many. The servers and patrons alike made you feel welcome, always greeting you with a genuine Hello, and remembering every face that walked through their doors. Plus, their homestyle cooking was far better than any other diner in Philly! Sad to have had my last turkey BLT last week, but I’ll just have to travel to the other location.


I stopped in the last week they were open during the day and snapped some photos.


And then came back on Memorial Day to watch the last crowd get their food, and the doors close at 9pm sharp!


The following day, there was a block party with live music that ran way past the scheduled time. Little Pete’s had about 200 hoagies, 200 kabobs, wine and beer for anyone who came by.

She Said Yes!

Yesterday I had the honor of shooting my first proposal, right in Rittenhouse!

Justin, a friend from high school, asked me if I would be able to shoot his proposal while he and his girlfriend, Lauren, were in Philadelphia this weekend. Getting a bit of wedding fever myself, I jumped at the chance to share that one time moment with them!

The last several days, Justin and I have been back and forth trying to find a good spot for when he arrived in Center City. Originally, he wanted to do it somewhere along Kelley Drive since he and Lauren jog there. Keeping the weather and lighting in mind, we were also worried about traffic! We settled just in time on Rittenhouse Square, where they happened to walk through after their first date.

And of course, she said yes!


To Zoe

Even after a month, this hurts to write.

In August 2016 we got the news that our beagle-mix, Zoe, had Lymphoma and was given 6-9months to live. We all made an extra effort to give her the best last few months she could have, while opting to put her through extensive Chemo treatments.


Ever since we first got you as a pup, you were our sister.


We dressed you up on many occasions…


And when we found out you were sick, we babied you a little extra.


You took a trip with us to LBI in September to see the beach for the first time.


…even though it was a little windy, you loved smelling the salty air.


You loved the Lighthouse and Sunset Park

We gave you baths in daddy’s tub…


Just for you to get dirty again.

You loved your brother, Ludo.

zoe calnder2 copy.jpg


You two would watch out for each other.


And you loved food.


…you REALLY loved food.



As the leaves began to change, we took you to Boundary Creek Park for a family walk.


You met some new friends along the way…at5a7762

And after some beaver hunting, I could tell you were getting bored.


We went on many rides, some to the park, some to the bank, and some just ‘cuz.


You loved the breeze in your ears.



You loved rides to Smithville, where you always thought if you climbed up each houses’ stairs, we would be home.


You were interested in any other living creature…


even if they weren’t real.

You liked when we took you to Philly for the day- so many new smells!


You had “good days” and “bad days”. On your bad days, you slept all day.


You slept through Halloween, it was a “bad day”.


And when you didn’t want turkey on Thanksgiving, we knew you weren’t feeling too well.


A few weeks later, we went to Amico Island so you could feel your feet in the sand and water one last time.

You loved your “Pat”

He left a sign that we were here each trip we all took together.


at5a9265-copy document-name2

You even saw the first and last snow fall of 2016!


After an episode Friday, be that her chest cavity was progressively filling back up with fluids, we took her to North Star in Robbinsville to spend the night.  We picked her up Saturday, but were told her chest was already filling again, less than 12 hours later.  After a long night, she was just excited to see us again and take another ride home!


Zoe became very tired and her breathing was more stressed. It was important for her to relax and stay comfortable. We knew the end was near when she stopped eating all together.

Sunday, her tail wagged when she heard that “PAT!” was coming over and we were going for a ride to Strawbridge Lake. Although she didn’t have energy to walk much, she stayed on the ground and took in some warmer fresh air, while I made sure she looked beautiful in her little red sweater.

On Tuesday, December 20th, 4 months after her diagnosis, we lost our Zoe Bella Zausner on our way to what we knew might be her final doctor’s visit. She was tired of fighting, and finally let go in my mom’s arms after a few minutes of fresh air out the window.

That Thursday, my mom and I took a trip to cremate her and say goodbye one last time.

I took a little piece of her with me to Amico Island Park for one last sunset on the beach with her.



This Christmas was extra hard on all of us, but you’ll always be family.


And even though we’ll miss dressing you up…



Walks in the woods

Playing with your brother

Your kisses

And most of all, that smile

We know you’re in a better place.



“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”

Catching up


It’s been a long last few months.

We got news in September that Zoe has Lymphoma and several more months to live. With that, we’ve spent every free minute taking her out on rides and walks, making the most of our time left with her.

I feel as if I’m constantly working, yet haven’t had much work recently. I’m just using this cold weather as ammo to stay inside and catch up on months of editing!

Here are some photos of personal and freelance work I’ve done since mid-summer!




Spruce Street Harbor Park

Another beautiful sunset in the city Tuesday night. I headed down to this new park next to the Port Museum, and it was a lot larger than I thought! They had a mini arcade for kids, funnel cake (for $8), food trucks, swan rides in the water, and hammocks!

I walked down to the path out on the Delaware for the sunset and made a short timelapse.

View that and my other little timelapses on my YouTube channel:

Spruce Street Harbor

My YouTube Channel

4th of July

I headed to the Ben Franklin Bridge on the 4th to watch the fireworks from the Camden side of the river. Thanks to the rain, the clouds made the sky stormy and surreal for the fireworks over the Delaware!

_MG_9694 RS